INDIE-ALTernative rock

Black Denim is an East Nashville based underground alternative rock band and the vision of frontman/vocalist/producer Tym De Santo, (known to many as the Renaissance Guy from HGTV's "Design Star" television show). In addition to De Santo, Black Denim features a variety of super-talented prominent player friends from around Music City. The band has spent the past few years in their East Nashville rehearsal space crafting the new sound with the new single "Here's To Eleven" being tagged the "Unofficial" Stranger Things Season 2 Theme Song"! While the band’s focus is on life experience with frequent statements on pop-culture and relationships, De Santo felt a song about Stranger Things was a must-write for it’s pop-culture bent. "It's not often that a TV show comes along and captures the imagination of millions the way Stranger Things has and well… I just couldn't get it out of my head!" 

While Black Denim is a new project the band has been crafting it’s sound for a few years with early recordings tracked in RCA Studio B on Nashville’s famed music row and included sit-ins from players such as Jared Mason of Broadway's "Million Dollar Quartet", Vian Zaayman of "Vian Izak" and Rusty Shipp of the namesake band "Rusty Shipp".. Their sound is best described as underground alternative rock… think Elbow/Coldplay/Travis meets David Bowie & The Velvet Underground. In addition to "Here's To Eleven", Black Denim is back in the studio with Grammy Award Winning producer Paul T. Ebersold and will be releasing new follow-up singles and videos beginning spring of 2019. Black Denim's De Santo says, “Inspiring people in their everyday journey, that’s what it’s all about.”